Raze 3

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Raze3Raze 3 back with the new campaign mode and a lot of updates. As you remember,in the previous version of the game you had ability to choose your teammates - either to play the human campaign or enjoy the alien campaign. In the new version of Raze 3 you can also play both of them. You will also enjoy the new weapons and new game modes of Raze 3.
The Controls For the Raze 3 are :
[W][A][S][D] or Arrow Keys to move your character
] - Jump
[Mouse] - To Aim and Shoot
[Q]/[E] or [Shift]/[Enter
] - Previous/Next Weapon selection
[1][2][3][4][5][6] - Specific Weapons
[F]/[Ctrl] - Special Ability
[Esc]/[P] - Pause Game